Flood and Water Damage Tips

Please check this page often – it is a new page with on going and updated information. By all means please contact us if you have specific questions.

Different parts of Furnaces and Water Heaters react to water differently.

Gas Valves must be replaced if water is around them. They have delicate springs and gaskets inside that may stick open or closed – but which one? We Must REPLACE the Gas Valve.

Motors and water do not mix – We must REPLACE the motor.

Control Boards and electronics in general, do not do well with water. We must REPLACE the board.

Safeties and Limits – We must REPLACE them.

We can replace all of the above parts but… what really ruins the equipment is insulation – when it gets wet there is no way to protect from the pathogens that are in the water and what they can produce is can be anything from annoying to deadly. Don’t take the chance. We can replace your equipment – we will do a professional job and in a timely and economical manner.