Furnace Replacement in Fort Collins, Colorado

Do you suspect you need a new furnace? How do you even go about getting a furnace replacement? How much will it cost? These questions can be daunting and in the spirit of not knowing what to do or where to turn, it could be something you’re avoiding or procrastinating until it’s too late. Colorado weather is unpredictable and the winter months can be bitter especially if you find yourself needing a furnace replacement. Having no heat and living in Colorado towns such as Fort Collins is not an ideal situation. Below are some ways to make your experience in furnace replacement a little easier and less intimidating.

Determine whether you need a replacement or repair. Are you beyond three-quarters of your unit’s life expectancy? Furnaces are like cars; the older they are, the more maintenance they need, usually incurring the most breakdowns in the last two years of their lives. Would the repairs cost more than a third of the cost to replace your furnace? These are all good questions to ask yourself when determining whether a furnace replacement is required.

Do your research. Educate yourself before you pick the lowest bidder or most expensive option out of desperation. Call Redline Mechanical to see what your options are and how we can best serve you. Every homeowner’s needs are different.

Refer back to your old energy bills. Have you seen a dramatic increase in heating costs over the years? A decrease in heating efficiency is a high sign to inspect your furnace for repair or replacement needs. Assess how much it’s costing you just to keep the current furnace you have versus how much you’ll save with a new furnace.

Are the rooms in your home noticeably different temperatures? This is often a major indicator of inefficient and old furnaces. What this indicates is that your furnace is losing its ability to evenly distribute heat throughout your home.

Does your home have soot around the registers? Older furnaces often begin spitting out dust or dirt particles. This not only interferes with the air quality of your home, it poses hazardous and dangerous risks of fires. This is also an indicator that your furnace is producing too much CO2 and can lead to excessive dryness which affects the walls, wooden flooring, furniture, air, and plants in your home. Suffering plants, dry eyes, itchy throats, chronic headaches are major indicators it’s time to replace your furnace.

What’s that sound? Is your furnace making noises it didn’t use to? Noisy furnace units are another sign you are in need of a replacement. If you hear your furnace rattling, popping, humming, or screeching, it’s time to replace the unit. These are indicators of a malfunctioning unit that can be dangerous to your home.

There’s nothing worse than having no heat during Colorado’s long and cold winter months. For expert furnace replacement services in Fort Collins, Colorado, call Redline Mechanical at (970) 663-6575.


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