Our Pricing:

We only offer the best in equipment and service.

We use a flat rate pricing system – much like the auto industry. It is the fairest method of calculating repair costs and is predetermined, which helps keep the technician from “guessing” what an item will cost.

Warranties & Guarantees


New equipment has either a 5 year or 10 year or 20 year or limited lifetime warranty through the manufacturer. They will offer the best warranty possible.


RED LINE is responsible for the labor on each of its jobs.

SERVICE: 60 days on the service we provided. All new parts are warrantied for at least 1 year through the manufacturer.

INSTALLATION: 1 year standard. 2-5 year and 10 year labor warranties are available and included on certain types of equipment.


Your unit will not break during the current season if we maintain it.



RHEEM Brand Products – of course

80% Efficient

95% and higher HIGH EFFICIENCY

Many furnaces are E-Star rated and available for tax credits – at last known data.

Some of the QUIETEST units on the market.


RHEEM Brand Products – of course.

13 SEER standard efficient

Up to 20 SEER high efficient and 2 state operation

Some of the QUIETEST units on the market.


April Air & Honeywell

A great pair of brands that will satisfy all your needs. From programming to energy efficiency.

How would you like WIFI that can be connected to whole house management?


April Air is the undisputed indsutry leader in this technology.

600 Series – Bi-pass flow thru

700 Series – Powered and high efficient

800 Series – STEAM – Top of the line


April Air is the undisputed industry leader in this technology.

This is often overlooked with home health and human comfort.

Dust, dirt and pollen – if you have these issues you need these products.


Do not overlook this one!

All manufacturers require annual maintenance for their parts’ warranties.

WE are the maintenance guys


RHEEM Brand Products – of course

We have standard unites as well as high efficient units that qualify for tax credits with E-Star ratings. Water heaters are an overlooked work horse – we understand you would rather have a night out on the town than replacing your water heater BUT how will you get ready without hot water?


Yes we do offer them, call to get a quote.