Brian H. Loveland, CO


Professional and reliable

We had some issues with the installation of our new heater and furnace but the end results were great. Our heater and furnace are working fine, but they had to come back and replace the circuit board and thermostat because they weren’t working. They were very responsive when we told them this and came back shortly after we called, so everything turned out fine in the end.
Red Line Heating & Cooling also installed our AC unit and that turned out nicely. It’s always a pleasant experience when they come to our home and we’re impressed with their speed while responding to issues.

Mike M. Arvada, CO


They made it all so easy.

Everyone was on top of it all…which is so nice these days!

Monica S. Loveland, CO


Excellent, professional service.

The technician called in advance to see if he could arrive early. He did a thorough check on the heating as well as the air conditioning system. He gave a full technical report to my husband (who understands this stuff better than me) and was very polite and courteous through the entire visit.

Marcia A. Loveland, CO


Very quick and professional service. Highly Recommend

I’m very satisfied with Red Line’s service. I am new to the area and found them very professional and helpful.

Vicki U. Ft. Collins, CO


Always Great Service !!!

Sally H. Loveland, CO


Professional thorough and good follow-up

enough said

Tina M. Loveland, CO


Good service but the price was outrageous

We called RED LINE Heating & Cooling to get an estimate for a tune-up on our heater and they gave us a good price, so we scheduled an appointment with them. Their tech came to our house and did a quick tune-up and fixed the problem but when we got the bill we were upset.
The tech quoted us DOUBLE of what they said over the phone and we called their office and asked to speak with his manager. Fortunately the manager was very understanding and gave us a refund, but it felt like they were trying to take advantage of us. Definitely make sure you get an estimate beforehand and make sure they stick with it if you choose to hire them.

Judy B. Ft. Colins, CO


Great and fast work.

RED LINE Heating & Cooling were able to get on the job right away, I’m a realtor so that was important to me. I needed to get it done quickly to sell the house and they were able to get out there in two days, where other companies quoted me two weeks. They told us they had to order the part and got it in before we closed, so as far as I am concerned they were great.

Gay S. Loveland, CO


Professional and efficient.

We had Red Line Heating & Cooling come out to service our HVAC unit because it needed a replacement part. The technician came out and located the problem and then repaired our heater and he did a good job. The tech was friendly and professional and he explained everything to us so we could prevent it happening in the future. I’m very satisfied with his work and would use them again.

Tom P. Loveland, CO


Great satisfaction: Job was done quickly and they cleaned up afterwards.

RED LINE Heating & Cooling replaced a furnace and air conditioning unit with a new one that met our expectations and substantially reduced our electric and gas bills. I called them because they came with recommendations from other people who had used their service, and we’ve also had them service the furnace a couple of times. The installation was all done in a day and a half, and that was good. I didn’t know how to program the new thermostat, so Kim came over and showed me and my wife how to set the temperature on the unit made by Rheem.

As far as the price, it was fair. The last time I bought one it was $1,000 but, when I got this one, people told me to expect $10,000. We paid $9,000 and are happy with it. I wish it wasn’t that expensive, but what are you going to do?