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We can deliver within 3 days to your door (primary service area only and in most cases)

Here is a list of items you may want to ofer. Prices include tax and delivery within 3 days and to our primary service areas.

Common Size Air Filters-

1″ Pleated          MERV8          Case lot of 12

14×20                                           $44

14×25                                           $54

16×20                                           $42

16×25                                           $42

20×20                                          $48

20×25                                          $52

24×24                                          $54

25×25                                          $60

We can order any size you need

4″ Pleated Filters – Most 4″ Pleated Filters will last a full year – depending on how much your furnace blower runs.

16x25x4                MERV 10                $43

20x25x4               MERV 10                 $43

16x25x4                MERV 13                $68

20x25x4               MERV 13                 $68

We can order any size you need

Humidifier Pads: Just tell us your make and model number.

April Air Model Numbers:

110,220,500,550,558                      $11

112,224,440,445                              $20

350,360,560,600,700                      $15

400 = 2 PACK                                   $36

Honeywell Model Number

HE220, HE225                                                                             $11

HE200, HE250, HE260, HE265, HE360, HE365                       $15

Carbon Monoxide Detectors-                                                  $52

Condensate Pump                                                                     $83

Honeywell WIFI Water Leak Detector– Mobile Alerts           $85

-Also temperature and humidity sensing

-Battery operated and reusable


There are literally 1000’s of thermostats on the market – it is not an easy decision. You may be able to buy similar ones at a home improvement store.

These are the PRO MODELS:

Honeywell 9000 Voice Control– Access through phone, tablet or computer

-WIFI – more features described upon request               $640

Honeywell 9000 Touch Screen

-WIFI – more features described upon request               $415

*We have MANY MANY more options – please call for details


Too many to list – please call us and tell us what you need.

Swamp Cooler Parts – Hardware stores and home improvement stores will have all you need.