Furnace Services: Repair, Maintenance, Installation, & Replacement

Colorado gets COLD! Is your home ready for the winter chill? Furnace maintenance with RED LINE MECHANICAL will prepare your system for the winter months. We can do everything your system needs to help you stay warm and cozy all winter long. Annual cleaning and maintenance cannot be understated. Repairs and emergency services are available – but don’t you want to avoid them? We also offer a wide selection of new furnaces. Call us today and you will never be left in the cold.


Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance on your furnace not only keeps the chill at bay, it also keeps the bills away. Just like with your car, regular maintenance and cleaning not only prevents your furnace from breaking down, it also allows it to run smoother and use less energy. This keeps those nasty heating bills down. Here at RED LINE MECHANICAL, our expert technicians are well trained and know the ins and outs of furnaces. We can keep your furnace well maintained or repair it if something does go wrong. All of our customers also get a FREE filter service with every repair or maintenance visit.
Our maintenance is customized to meet your system’s specific requirements which may include:

  1. Clean the air filter
  2. Check vital electrical components.
  3. Inspect heat exchanger, burner and flue.
  4. Seal minor leaks.
  5. Clean Ignitions.
  6. and MANY MORE…


Knitting is great but not for thermostats. Make sure your furnace can handle a keeping your home warm.

Emergency Service and Repair

Are there icicles forming outside and your furnace has called it quits? Call one of our friendly, on-call 24/7 service technicians so we can get your furnace fixed and you warmed up once again. Also check out our club member benefits to ensure that you will never have to worry about your next repair again.

New and Replacement Furnaces

Furnaces should be replaced every 15 to 20 years and you are sure to find the perfect replacement at RED LINE MECHANICAL LLC. You can also save up for your next furnace with one of our incredible maintenance packages or we can help you secure financing.
With today’s emphasis on energy efficiency there has never been a better time to replace that old, unreliable furnace. RED LINE MECHANICAL has 96% efficiency furnaces that can save money and help the environment, all while helping you stay comfortable.

Optimal Indoor air quality is a must in every home or business. Maintaining clean HVAC equipment, ensuring proper air filtration and cleaning the air duct system are easy ways to help improve your indoor air quality.


Through normal system operation in a forced air heating or cooling system, air recirculates through the air duct system 5 to 7 times per day on average. Over time this creates a build up of dust, debris, cat/dog hair, or even chemicals. As time goes on this could cause health concerns, poor indoor air quality, or even energy restrictions to your HVAC system.

While dirty ducts don’t necessarily mean unhealthy air in your home, school or workplace, they may be contributing to larger health issues or harboring contaminants that could cause serious problems for people with respiratory health conditions, autoimmune disorders or even allergies.

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems have been shown to act as a collection source for a variety of contaminants that have the potential to affect health, such as mold, fungi, bacteria, and very small particles of dust. The removal of such contaminants from the HVAC system and home should be considered as one component in an overall plan to improve indoor air quality.

____$475 for up to 15 vents. Includes 2 duct patches on main plenum.

____$45 per vent over 15 vents.

____$165 drier vent cleaning/ $135 If chosen to clean while duct system is cleaned.

____$165 Evaporator coil cleaning with duct cleaning

Red Line Mechanical LLC is not responsible for damage that may be caused during cleaning to duct or ducts that has been install improperly, or is not secure properly. We do not guarantee to fix any health issues by cleaning the duct system. By signing below, you agree to these terms and the items selected above to be performed by a Red Line Mechanical LLC


Air Conditioning Services: Repair, Maintenance, Installation, & Replacement

With the hot, dry summers in Northern Colorado, no home is complete without an air conditioner from RED LINE  MECHANICAL Heating and Cooling. We can properly size a unit for your home and keep it maintained and efficient. If you are looking for high efficiency or expert service RED LINE MECHANICAL can keep you cool. We are Efficiency experts.
Our friendly, prompt and professional technicians are here to deliver Northern Colorado’s best air conditioning services and products. Call us today. You will not be disappointed.


Air Conditioner Annual Maintenance

When the snow has melted and you’ve changed into shorts and swim suits, don’t forget to call us for your air conditioner’s annual spring maintenance. IF you have trouble remembering, contact us today and sign up for a Club Member Plan. We will remember for you. All Manufacturers recommend ANNUAL MAINTENANCE to keep you cool and your Air Conditioner efficient. The outside temperature must be 65 degrees to check for the most efficient your unit can be.
Our Club Members’ annual maintenance packages can include a complete cleaning and inspection of your air conditioner. This includes checking the refrigerant, as well as the mechanical and electrical functioning of each unit. Our repairs and maintenance are done quickly and effectively so you can be comfortable and efficient.
Our Air Conditioner maintenance is customized to meet your system’s specific requirements which may include:
Our maintenance is customized to meet your system’s specific requirements which may include:

  1. Changing or cleaning the air filter.
  2. Inspecting for signs of refrigerant leaks.
  3. Check Condenser Coil for cleanliness.
  4. Checking safety.
  5. Checking all Vital Components.
  6. and MANY MORE…


Checking your A/C doesn’t just have to happen in the spring. You may notice as the summer gets hotter that your house is getting hotter.


If it is getting hot and your air conditioner doesn’t work or is not efficient, give us a call and we can keep you from sweating. We will get out to you quickly so that you can stay cool. Break downs can happen when you least expect them and our team of certified technicians will arrive with their trucks fully stocked. We will get the repair done quickly. Also check out our membership club plans to make sure that you will never have to pay for an emergency repair again.

New and replacement Air Conditioners

Is your faithful old air conditioner not so faithful anymore? Are you thinking of throwing out the swamp cooler and electric fans in exchange for something more hygienic and energy efficient? Look no further than the exceptional service and selection of RED LINE MECHANICAL Heating and Cooling, LLC. Air conditioners normally last between 17 and 22 years, and with today’s emphasis on energy savings, they are becoming more and more economical as an option for optimal home comfort. Each installation comes complete with a 10–year compressor and 10 year parts warranty. Also our financing and club member plans can help you pay for a new air conditioner and keep it working for years to come.

Water Heater Services: Maintenance, Repair, Emergency repair and Replacement

Water Heaters

Nothing is worse than a home without hot water. RED LINE MECHANICAL Heating and Cooling is able to provide many choices in water heater services – including maintenance, repair, emergency repair and replacement. We pride ourselves in being able to provide safe and reliable water heaters so that you and your family can get back to your hot showers and clean laundry.

Is your water heater not working the way it is supposed to? Is it making strange sounds? Is the water not getting as hot as it once did? These appliances are usually good for about 8 – 10 years; anything older than that is ineffective and near failure. We have both standard 40 and 50 gallon models and tankless water heaters ready for you.



The dusty, dry Colorado air can wreak havoc on your home and your health. At RED LINE MECHANICAL, we are here to help keep your home clean and comfortable with several indoor air quality products to keep you healthy in every season.

Humidifier Repair & Maintenance in Loveland & Ft. Collins


Dry winter air from our Colorado climate and heating systems can really do some damage. They can:

  • Dry out skin, lips, hair and air passages.
  • Increase susceptibility to cough, colds, sore throat and other respiratory illnesses.
  • Damage furniture, wooden floors, mill work, wooden musical instruments as well as electronic equipment.

Humidifiers add moisture to the air to mitigate the ill effects of low humidity on health.

Top 5 Humidifier Facts
  1. Humidifiers help prevent winter infections, and alleviate the symptoms of cold, flu, and asthma attacks by keeping respiratory airways moist.
  2. Proper humidity also helps relieve sinus pains and dry, sore throat.
  3. Help prevent dry, itchy skin and chapped lips.
  4. Reduce static electricity.
  5. Prevent expensive wooden objects (furniture, musical instruments, hardwood floors) from cracking and warping.

Air Purification and Air Cleaning systems

Fight against those airborne viruses, bacteria, indoor allergens and other germs with RED LINE’s MECHANICAL air cleaning and purification systems. Our whole-building purification systems come with low maintenance and high efficiency models. We also have incredible ultraviolet lights that keep your duct system clean and your home’s air germ free.
Most people spend over 90% of their time indoors, not knowing that the air they are breathing may be more polluted than the air outside. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reported that indoor air pollution levels can be 100 times higher than the air outdoors. We should use Air Cleaners or Air Filters to purify our air.
Breathing contaminated air puts the health of you and your family at risk. In fact, the American College of Allergist says that 50% of illnesses are caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air. RED LINE MECHANICAL Heating and Cooling can help you take control of your indoor air quality by reducing pollutants that can contribute to headache, lung irritation and fatigue as well as more long-term conditions such as asthma, allergies and infectious diseases.

We have:

  • Low Maintenance Models.
  • High Efficiency Models.
  • Ultra-violet lights kill 99% of microbials, eliminate mold and mildew, and reduce gases and odors.

Throw out the room humidifiers and start experiencing the benefits of better air for the entire house with humidifiers from RED LINE MECHANICAL Heating and Cooling. Unlike traditional humidifiers from hardware stores, ours attach directly to your duct system so your whole house stays moist and comfortable. Let us show you how adding a humidifier to your home comfort system can increase your comfort and save you money.

Beauty Treatment


Benefits of RED LINE HVAC Maintenance Plans

  • No overtime costs-EVER!
  • Front-of-the-line service
  • No Co-Pay
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Peace of Mind
  • Set It & Forget It Scheduling
  • Cleaning
  • Safety Inspection
  • Filter Replacement or Service

Club Memberships from RED LINE Heating and Cooling

Northern Colorado’s busy and active lifestyles cause many of us to have trouble remembering to get our home comfort systems checked on a regular basis.  This can lead to big problems in the future.  You never have to worry about your furnace, water heater, or air conditioner breaking with club member options.  We provide our club members with regular maintenance while also providing first priority for emergency repairs.  Club members also never have to worry about making a payment with our convenient automatic payment plan.  Find the perfect plan for you and your home in our

Dedicated 24/7 HVAC Emergency Service

Do not face freezing night temperatures or balzing hot summer days with a broken furnace or air conditioner. Get your emergency repairs done quickly…

with RED LINE HEATING AND COOLING.  No one wants to wait around when facing one of these emergencies.  Call now and we will schedule to fix your problem as fast as possible.  We are on call 24/7 and get out to you and fix the problems as quickly and effectively as possible.  We offer fair, honest pricing and reliable professional services.  While our service trucks are on their way here are a few things to try.