Air Conditioning Services: Repair, Maintenance, Installation, & Replacement

With the hot, dry summers in Northern Colorado, no home is complete without an air conditioner from RED LINE  MECHANICAL Heating and Cooling. We can properly size a unit for your home and keep it maintained and efficient. If you are looking for high efficiency or expert service RED LINE MECHANICAL can keep you cool. We are Efficiency experts.
Our friendly, prompt and professional technicians are here to deliver Northern Colorado’s best air conditioning services and products. Call us today. You will not be disappointed.


Air Conditioner Annual Maintenance

When the snow has melted and you’ve changed into shorts and swim suits, don’t forget to call us for your air conditioner’s annual spring maintenance. IF you have trouble remembering, contact us today and sign up for a Club Member Plan. We will remember for you. All Manufacturers recommend ANNUAL MAINTENANCE to keep you cool and your Air Conditioner efficient. The outside temperature must be 65 degrees to check for the most efficient your unit can be.
Our Club Members’ annual maintenance packages can include a complete cleaning and inspection of your air conditioner. This includes checking the refrigerant, as well as the mechanical and electrical functioning of each unit. Our repairs and maintenance are done quickly and effectively so you can be comfortable and efficient.
Our Air Conditioner maintenance is customized to meet your system’s specific requirements which may include:
Our maintenance is customized to meet your system’s specific requirements which may include:

  1. Changing or cleaning the air filter.
  2. Inspecting for signs of refrigerant leaks.
  3. Check Condenser Coil for cleanliness.
  4. Checking safety.
  5. Checking all Vital Components.
  6. and MANY MORE…


Checking your A/C doesn’t just have to happen in the spring. You may notice as the summer gets hotter that your house is getting hotter.


If it is getting hot and your air conditioner doesn’t work or is not efficient, give us a call and we can keep you from sweating. We will get out to you quickly so that you can stay cool. Break downs can happen when you least expect them and our team of certified technicians will arrive with their trucks fully stocked. We will get the repair done quickly. Also check out our membership club plans to make sure that you will never have to pay for an emergency repair again.

New and replacement Air Conditioners

Is your faithful old air conditioner not so faithful anymore? Are you thinking of throwing out the swamp cooler and electric fans in exchange for something more hygienic and energy efficient? Look no further than the exceptional service and selection of RED LINE MECHANICAL Heating and Cooling, LLC. Air conditioners normally last between 17 and 22 years, and with today’s emphasis on energy savings, they are becoming more and more economical as an option for optimal home comfort. Each installation comes complete with a 10–year compressor and 10 year parts warranty. Also our financing and club member plans can help you pay for a new air conditioner and keep it working for years to come.