Ways To Protect Indoor Air From Spring Pollen

Spring is in the air! That means flowers are bloomin’! You know what else that means? Allergy season is upon us. You know the drill, itchy eyes, runny nose, coughing, sniffling and sneezing, headaches. Allergies and pollen are at an all-time high and they only seem to get worse, year after year. “It’s a triple whammy,” Dr. Clifford Bassett told NBC News. “The early and mid-spring tree pollen and the grasses are hitting all at once to create misery and suffering.” But did you know that you can improve and protect your indoor air quality to keep your allergies at bay? Home technologies have evolved to help mitigate allergens. Keep on reading for our tips on how to protect your home’s indoor air from Spring pollen.

Invest in a quality ventilator: When you’re hiding inside from the pollen, you still need a way to get fresh air in while keeping irritating allergens out. Because allergens and pollen are microscopic, it can be hard to detect them until it’s too late. That’s where a ventilator comes into play. For the latest in efficiency technology, look into a heat-recovery ventilator, which brings in the filtered fresh air while recycling your conditioned air.

Get your ducts cleaned and serviced: If you have central air and don’t keep the ducts clean, they could be laden with years worth of dust and particulates. Additionally, if your ducts have undetected holes and leaks, pollen and other allergens are likely creeping in and spreading throughout your home. Maintaining clean HVAC equipment, ensuring proper air filtration and cleaning the air duct system are easy ways to help improve your indoor air quality. Call us at 970.663.6575 to schedule your next duct cleaning.

Bring on the spring cleaning: House cleaning is a pain, but if you make sure to dust, sweep, mop and vacuum regularly, you can help beat back any pollen that follows you inside. It’s important to note that sweeping can actually make allergies temporarily worse by sending irritants up into the airspace, so try wearing a mask if you need to sweep up a surface with a visible pollen layer.

Stock your home with local honey. Did you know that this is more effective and healthier than taking allergy medicine? Add local honey into your tea and your allergies can be gone in no time!

Keep your indoor and outdoor clothing separate. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, keep a clean change of clothes ready in the foyer or bathroom so you don’t shed pollen all over the house and get it mixed into bedding and furniture.  

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