Why Redline Mechanical Heating and Cooling


Redline MechanicalPhilosophy 

We are here to serve our customers with HIGH QUALITY products and equipment. Heating & Cooling is WHAT we do but the customers we serve are WHY we do it. We represent RHEEM Heating and Cooling products and we are committed to providing quality work at an affordable price!



It’s All About:





1st is Safety – Gas – Electric – Carbon Monoxide

2nd is Reliability – if it is reliable, we can make it efficient

3rd is Efficiency – if it is efficient, we can make you comfortable

4th is Comfort – isn’t this the goal? YES it is!


In Northern Colorado, we are active and most of us lead a busy lifestyle. Thinking about your furnace or air conditioner is not a top priority. Redline Mechanical is here to take care of that for you.

MAINTENANCE is paramount. You may notice the repetition of maintenance as a topic throughout this website – there is a reason for that. Maintenance is required by all manufacturers to keep the warranty up to date. Annual maintenance on ALL equipment every year.

Comfort can be a major investment:

An $8,000 furnace (approximate cost of the biggest and best unit we offer) lasts about 20 years. That’s $400 annually; $33 monthly = just over $1 per day!


Don’t get caught being another number at one of those chain companies.  Get all of your home comfort needs met with the personalized touch you will find at Redline Mechanical Heating and Cooling.  We are proud to provide Fort Collins, Loveland and the northern Colorado region with exceptional service, attention to detail, and quality products.  We can help you with home comfort from furnaces and water heaters to air conditioners and air purification systems. Redline Mechanical is here to help you and your family stay the right temperature in the ever-changing Colorado weather.

Redline Mechanical Heating and Cooling, LLC is a member of the Better Business Bureau. We have been a part of the Northern Colorado Community since 1995 and believe in four basic core principles: safety, efficiency, reliability and comfort.

The staff at Redline Mechanical Heating and Cooling, LLC goes through rigorous background checks; and ongoing education and factory certification ensures that we are providing the best service to each of our clients.  We also believe in fair, honest pricing with no surprises.  You know up front what it is going to cost for your heating or air conditioning issue.  We will clearly explain each problem and its cost so that your only surprise is the exceptional quality and service that comes with all of Redline Mechanical work.